WRWA Annual Review and Future Planning

September 8, 2021

Dear Customer:

The Board and staff of the Warrior River Water Authority work hard to efficiently manage and operate the water system to provide maximum value to our customers. The Authority must simultaneously balance providing high quality drinking water (our number 1 objective) while maintaining a reasonable rate structure capable of generating water revenues necessary to operate the water system.

As with all businesses, our cost of operation is subject to increase from inflationary pressures. These inflationary pressures are partially offset by maximizing operational efficiencies. However, operational efficiencies alone do not totally offset increases to our cost of operations. After carefully considering the water system’s historical increases in annual operational costs, the Board elected at its September 7, 2021 meeting to enact a policy of annual rate adjustments based on the United States Department of Labor, Bureau and Labor Statistics Consumer Price Index (CPI). Rate adjustments will be effective October 1st of each year based on the prior year change in the CPI. Rate adjustments will apply to the user availability and usage fees. The Board reviews its costs of operations annually and may impose additional rate adjustments if necessary to maintain the financial health of the water system.

This year’s CPI adjustment will be 2.43% and will be applied starting on October 1, 2021. For a typical residential customer who uses 4,000 gallons of water in a month, this year’s rate adjustment will result in approximately $1 per month increase from last year’s rates.

If you have any questions regarding this rate adjustment, please contact Greylan Glaze, General Manager. Mr. Glaze may be reached at 205-491-7721.

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