New Service

To Establish New Service

  • Fill out the appropriate application (residential or commercial).
  • Fill out and sign water users agreement (both residential and commercial)
  • If you own the property supply a copy of your Warranty Deed. If you are renting/leasing/lease to purchase supply a copy of your Lease.
  • Supply a copy of applicant’s valid photo ID. If you are faxing your information please make a lightened copy of your ID so they will be legible across the fax machine.

Note:  If your browser opens these pdfs in a new window you can click the download button to save a copy locally.  Alternatively, you can right click the link and choose Save As or Save Link As to save a copy locally.

Submit Application

You can mail the paperwork with a check for the appropriate fees, fax to 205-491-7704,  or email. If using email, you must complete the subject line as “New Service” otherwise the email will not be opened. If applying by email or fax, be sure to supply a good phone number & email address. We will call or email to receive payment for applicable fees. We will need all paperwork and fees paid at least one business day before you would like the account to go into your name.

If you would like guaranteed same day service you must come into the office with completed forms before 2 pm.

Please be Aware

  • Active accounts are billed monthly
  • Payment is due upon receipt of statement and is late after date specified on statement
  • Minimum charges apply even if services are not used
  • Bills are sent by regular mail unless e-bill is requested
  • Payment methods: Mail, bank draft, in office, by phone, after-hours night depository or online. Payments made online and by phone will be subject to a convenience fee
  • Failure to receive bill does not excuse customer from responsibility to pay bill on or before delinquent date
  • A penalty will be assessed if not paid by date specified
  • Services are subject to disconnection if not paid by date specified
  • If disconnection occurs, payment in full with a reconnect fee must be paid before 2:00 p.m. for service to be restored same day.
  • A tender of payment by check or draft which is returned unpaid will result in a return item fee & possible disconnection of services if not cleared within 5 business days
  • Tampering with meters is a violation and is subject to immediate disconnection, prosecution, and reimbursement to Warrior River Water Authority for all expenses incurred
  • Customers are responsible for keeping the utility easement clear and unobstructed for the purpose of maintenance, operation, and meter reading at all times.
  • Customers are responsible for payment of services used at this location (and any other location that you transfer service to/from) until you notify Warrior River Water Authority to Discontinue Service
  • Customers are subject to all rules, policies, ordinances and rates that are presently in place or which might be adopted in the future

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