Our Filter Plant



The Warrior River Water Authority was incorporated in April, 1966 pursuant to a resolution adopted by the governing body of Jefferson County, and was supplied water from the construction of a 1 MGD (one million gallon per day) water filtration facility, completed in 1968.  In 1980, the filtration plant was doubled in size (2 MGD) to meet the growing demands of the service area. In 1997, due to further growth and increasing water demand, the Authority finished construction of a new water filtration facility capable of producing 6 MGD.

At the filtration plant, water is pumped from the Mulberry Fork of the Warrior River into a rapid mix chamber where chemicals are added to promote particle flocculation, or cohesion. The chemicals added include a coagulant (floc formation), oxidizer (bacteria inhibitor), and an algaecide (algae inhibitor). The water then flows to three (3) flocculation chambers, where it is mixed slowly to allow the floc particles to come together. The water then slowly moves through a settling basin where the heavier floc particles begin to sink. At the end of the basin, a weir (trough) draws water from the top, leaving the floc particles to finish settling to the bottom. The water then is passed through a mixed media filter consisting of an underdrain system, gravel, sand, and anthracite. The water passes through the filter gravimetrically, where it is treated with caustic soda (PH adjustment), fluoride (dental health), phosphate (corrosion inhibitor), and chlorine (bacteria/disease prohibition). It then flows into a clearwell (500,000 gallon storage reservoir), and is pumped to the distribution system for consumption.

The filtration plant is staffed 24 hours/day, 7 days/week and is operated by five (5) State of Alabama Grade 4 certified Water Plant Operators, one (1) Plant Manager and one (1) Assistant Plant Manager.

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